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Michael Kubosh

Michael Kubosh sought elected office with the idea that he could help fight crime, stop corruption, and make Houston a better place to work and live. As the 4th largest city in the United States and the “energy capital of the world,” Councilmember Kubosh has tirelessly served as Houston’s advocate. As an At-Large Councilmember since 2014, leadership, passion, transparency and accountability in public service have been his North Star at City Hall.  His goals are and remain to return the City government’s focus to core city services of public safety, emergency services, and a focus on infrastructure.

Councilmember Kubosh believes that the words that are is immortalized on the walls of City Hall should be our guide: “The People are the City.”’ When elected as your next Controller, Michael Kubosh will fight for total transparency at City Hall and in its budget.”

In his first term at City Hall, Councilmember Kubosh was successful in passing one of the few amendments to the Mayor’s budget: appropriating money to remove abandoned cars from the City’s bayous in a joint project with Harris County.  He has advocated for the city’s homeless population by opposing the feeding ordinance:. “It is wrong to criminalize the giving to the poor,” And, he opposes some of the most recent Bond proposals because he felt the financial obligation put the City’s economic future at risk. Well known for leading the charge against the City’s Red Light Camera program, Councilmember Kubosh has stepped up to advocate for his beliefs in ways most other elected officials haven’t.

Houston has been described as a City on a “financial cliff.” Councilmember Kubosh understands this process and is uniquely qualified to serve in this role. Councilmember Kubosh is married with five children. He has an adoptive son and has served as a state-licensed childcare administrator for two foster group homes with 47 children. Kubosh also has 18 grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

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